RR 2500 COMFORT PLUS Secatuers

RR 2500 COMFORT PLUS Secatuers




The WOLF-Garten® RR2500 Comfort Plus Bypass Secateur is known for its extremely comfortable grip and durability. The 30° cutting angle of the RR2500 pruning shears was ergonomically designed to both protect your wrist and the joint of the pruner while sitting comfortably in your hand. The heavy-duty German steel blades are coated with a non-stick formula to resist rust as well as damage. These premium cutting blades easily slice through almost any material you can use them on. The combination of durability and comfort makes the Comfort Bypass Pruner one of our top pruners for small-medium size hands.


  • Blades - Non-stick-coated blade
  • Cutting performance  - up to 22 mm Ø
  • Stub free cutting - Clean cuts for quicker wound healing
  • Locking - One-hand lock
  • Usability - Suitable for left- and right-handed persons
  • Ergonomic handle - Ergonomic two-component handle with soft rubber insert for a firm grip while cutting
  • Safety Thumb - Rest Safety thumb recess
  • Cutting angle 30° cutting angle to ease strain on the joints
  • Blade pre-tension Precise blade pre-tensioning
  • Warranty 10 years