RR 1500 ''BASIC PLUS' Bypass Secateur

RR 1500 ''BASIC PLUS' Bypass Secateur




Use the energy-saving leverage of the WOLF-Garten® Basic Plus Bypass Secateurs to cut back flowers or ornamental plants on your balcony, in your yard and in the garden. The Bypass Pruner features an ergonomic, two-component handle with a soft rubber insert on the upper handle for a comfortable and secure hold while cutting. This set of pruning shears are designed to fit medium-sized hands and is suitable for both the left and right hands.


  • Blades - Non-stick-coated blade
  • Cutting performance  - up to 18 mm Ø
  • Stub free cutting - Clean cuts for quicker wound healing
  • Locking - One-hand lock
  • Usability - Suitable for left- and right-handed persons
  • Ergonomic handle - Ergonomic two-component handle with soft rubber insert for a firm grip while cutting
  • Safety Thumb - Rest Safety thumb recess
  • Warranty 10 years