RS5000 Professional Anvil Secateurs

RS5000 Professional Anvil Secateurs




The WOLF-Garten® Professional Bypass Pruner's aluminum chassis is lightweight and built to last. The 30° cutting angle has an ergonomic design, to both protect your wrist and the joint of the pruner, while sitting comfortably in your hand. For extra safety WOLF-Garten® created a patented "internal" spring to prevent loss of cutting power, jamming or pinched fingers. WOLF-Garten's ergonomic pruners are the preferred pruners for serious gardeners around the world.

The WOLF-Garten Pruner difference:

No exposed spring! The #1 problem with pruners is that the springs fall out and go missing and your pruner is deemed useless. WOLF-Garten has engineered their pruners without an exposed spring - which means the spring will not go missing! New spring technology ensures your spring stays right where it's supposed to for years to come.


  • Joint-protecting 30° cutting angle
  • Wire cutter full inside of cutting blade.
  • Fits comfortably in left and right hands
  • Wrist strap keeps it always in reach
  • Cutting performance: up to 1"
  • BLADES Non-stick-coated blade
  • Cutting performance up to 25 mm Ø
  • Stub free cutting –Locking One-hand lock
  • Usability Suitable for left- and right-handed persons
  • Avril With power anvil for easy cutting (also with harder wood)
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Cutting angle 30° cutting angle to ease strain on the joints
  • Blade pre-tension Precise blade pre-tensioning
  • Replaceable blade and anvil
  • Made of aluminium Made of aluminium - top quality and durability
  • Energy-saving leverage Lever action reduces the amount of effort required
  • Hand strap With wrist loop