RR750 750MM Powercut Bypass Lopper

RR750 750MM Powercut Bypass Lopper




Replaceable blades are easy to sharpen when needed as well. WOLF has also added durable, comfort strips on the handles which help absorb shock on every cut making these loppers the preferred loppers of professional trimmers and arborists who have prolonged use of these loppers. You'll also notice the hand grips have a unique shape - they're designed to actually fit comfortably in the curves of your hand! They've thought of everything possible to make these loppers the most comfortable loppers you'll ever use.


  • Cutting diameter - 45 mm
  • Length - 750 mm
  • BLADES - Blades with non-stick coating
  • Cutting head technology - Up to three times the force transmitted thanks to the new cutting head technology 
  • Ergonomic handle - Ergonomic two-component handles with soft-grip
  • Bars Anodised handles
  • Flat-headed screws Flat bolted joints
  • Blade transmission - Precise adjustment of blade tension
  • Rubber buffers - Impact-absorbing rubber buffers