RR200 2M Power Dual Cut Lopper

RR200 2M Power Dual Cut Lopper




If you’re looking for ways to trim those high branches without a ladder, WOLF-Garten has new lopper technology for you! Tree trimming has never been easier with these new Power Dual Cut Loppers. No need for a ladder or ropes, WOLF-Garten will keep your feet safely on the ground while you reach those high branches.


  • Cutting diameter: 1.3" (32mm)
  • Premium, German-steel, nonstick coated bypass blades
  • 225° adjustable head
  • Simple and fast lock of the cutting head
  • High visibility in the tree
  • Easy twist motion to easily slice through branches
  • Cutting diameter 32 mm
  • Length 200 cm
  • Height up to 3.5 m
  • Cutting modes Two cutting options: high-speed cutting (short path for the quick cutting of thin branches) and high-performance cutting (double path)
  • Adjustable head Cutting head adjustable by 225°
  • BLADES - Blades with non-stick coating reduce the amount of force required when cutting and make it easier to clean the blades
  • Visibility - Good visibility in trees for safe and precise working
  • Cutting option - Cutting is also possible by pulling on the lower button