RR-VM Proffessional Bypass Loppers

RR-VM Proffessional Bypass Loppers




The professional-grade WOLF-Garten Bypass Tree Lopper RRVM models rotate up to 180 degrees for precise tree cutting. Don’t worry about messing with ladders, both of your feet are kept safely on the ground while the loppers do the work! The RRVM lopper features a 4:1 pulley system for less effort and easier pruning. The Interlocken adjustable bypass tree loppers are an invaluable tool for the amateur and professional gardener alike.


  • Reduction in the effort required by more than 75% due to the 3.5x pulley
  • Angle of inclination can be adjusted by up to 180°
  • Safe cutting of branches without ladders at heights of up to 5.50 m with the Vario handle
  • Including cable guide for attachment to the Vario handle
  • Handles purchased separately