HS1000T Telescopic Hedge Shears

HS1000T Telescopic Hedge Shears




The WOLF-Garten® Telescoping Hedge Shears are one of the best shears on the market. This durable shears are constructed using high-quality anodized aluminum, and feature an ergonomic design to protect your back when cutting. The handles along on this amazing hedge shears are made of lightweight, airline-grade aluminum, so they are not only easier to hold onto, but extremely durable. The telescoping feature of the handles makes quick work of adjusting them to get to exactly where you need to cut. Every cut with the WOLF-Garten Telescoping Hedge Shears will be quick and clean thanks to the precision-cut, curved non-stick blades that come standard on this model. The German-steel blades are able to be easily adjusted with regard to the cutting tension, so that you are able to comfortable cut through even the toughest hedges and shrubs with ease. This shears also features a built-in adjustable branch cutter which ensures problem-free cutting even on larger branches.


  • BLADES - Precision-ground, curved and non-stick-coated blades
  • Length - 770 - 1000 mm
  • Branch diameter - The built-in branch cutter guarantees trouble-free cutting of thicker branches
  • Blade transmission - Individually adjustable blade pretension
  • Lever (Transmission) - High degree of flexibility through adjustable handles that securely click into place.
  • Bearing clearance - Trimming without backache in lower hedge areas and when trimming taller hedges
  • Eronomic handle - Ergonomic two-component handle
  • Bars - Light aluminium handles
  • Rubber buffers - Impact-absorbing rubber buffers take the strain off your wrists