HS-TL Premium Traditional Hedge Shears

HS-TL Premium Traditional Hedge Shears




The WOLF-Garten® Premium Hedge Shears are a customer favorite! These shears feature extra-sharp, straight, non-stick blades that easily cut all types of hedges and shrubs. Premium shock absorbing bumpers on the handles make cutting easier on your hands and body when repetitive cutting is part of your gardening to-do list. This WOLF-Garten shears also features an adjustable tension knob enabling you to cut different size hedges, shrubs and branches comfortably with the twist of a wrist. You'll find this shears to have superior cutting ability, while being incredibly lightweight.

Wolf Garten have made your job easier by including mechanical gearing - 40% less force required thanks to integrated levers!


  • BLADES - Easier cutting due to curved, double-ground, non-stick-coated blades
  • Branch diameter - Built-in branch cutter
  • Blade transmission - Individually adjustable blade pretension
  • Lever (Transmission) - 40% less force required thanks to integrated levers
  • Eronomic handle - Ergonomic wooden handle
  • Rubber buffers - Impact-absorbing rubber buffers