Classic Economy Bypass Gardening Secateur

Classic Economy Bypass Gardening Secateur




Use the energy-saving leverage of the WOLF-Garten® Classic Economy Bypass Secateurs to cut back flowers or ornamental plants on your balcony, in your yard and in the garden. The Bypass Pruner are an economical snip featuring an ergonomic upper handle for a comfortable and secure hold while cutting. This set of pruning shears are designed to fit medium-sized hands and are suitable for both the left and right hands.


  • Blades - Non-stick-coated blade and shears body with glossy zinc coating
  • Cutting performance - up to 19 mm Ø
  • Stub free cutting - Clean cuts for quicker wound healing
  • Locking - One-hand lock
  • Usability - Suitable for left- and right-handed persons
  • Warranty - 10 years