Vertical Shaft Engines

Vertical shaft petrol engines are used in a vast number of products. These are the engines that do the hard yards and power millions of mowers around the globe every day and equipment like high pressure washers and construction equipment. To have a solid and rugged product line, you need engines that are going to go the distance. ZS Power petrol engines have a cast iron liner, and main components are made ‘in house’ by Zongshen to ensure the highest possible quality. We know these engines are reliable and we are so confident our engines will go the distance; we give them a 2-year warranty.

Our engines are covered by our 2-year warranty and have after hours technical help and full parts support.

Predator Power 13hp Vertical Shaft Engine XP380S


Predator Power 16hp Vertical Shaft Engine XP440S


Predator Power 18.5hp Vertical Shaft Engine XP550


Predator Power 21hp Vertical Shaft Engine XP620


Predator Power 23hp Vertical Shaft Engine XP680


Predator Power 26hp Vertical Shaft Engine XP750