Inverter Generators

Not all Inverter Generators are created equal. Yes, you can buy a low-cost inverter generator, but it’s going to have a very short design life. We always hear stories of low-cost inverter generators having problems and failures after a very short time. It’s why the big-name makers stay in business. Customers buy a low-cost inverter generator and find it fails at low hours, then they buy a good quality generator from a known brand. Finally, there is an alternative. ZS Power inverter generators feature a 2-year warranty, commercial grade engines and are designed with a long design life equal to the most expensive Japanese brands. 
Our Inverter Generators are covered by our 2-year warranty and have after hours technical help and full parts support.

Predator 2.2kw Inverter Generator BHQ2200A


Predator 2.2kw Inverter Generator Electric Start BHQ2200E


Predator 3kw Inverter Generator Recoil Start BHQ3300 - A


Predator 3.5kw Inverter Generator Recoil Start BQH3500


Predator 3.5kw Inverter Generator Electric Start BQH3500E


Predator Power 3.8kw Inverter Generator Recoil Start BQH4000


Predator 3.8kw Inverter Generator Electric Start BQH4000E


Predator Power 4kw Petrol Inverter Generator BPB4000


Predator Power 4.5kw Petrol Inverter Generator BPB4500