Masport Chipper Shredder -Loncin

Masport Chipper Shredder -Loncin


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Effortlessly powered by the 196cc Loncin engine, the chipper and flail blade system quickly break down branches into a fine mulch that's perfect for composting. Masport Chipper Shredders are built strong with a heavy steel frame and large safe chute. The drive system is run by a V-Belt rather than a direct drive system. This design is more tolerant to impact and unnecessary overload on the drive system and engine.

  • Powered by Loncin 196cc OHV engine
  • Double chipper blades
  • Larger branches can be fed through the 50mm x 50mm side chute
  • 9 flail hammer blades
  • Weeds and other garden materials are reduced to a fine mulch so they can't regenerate
  • Bar grate, designed to avoid clogging with damp leaves and foliage, is available as an optional extra
  • Safe and reliable
  • 4 Year Warranty (*Engine is protected by the engine manufacturer warranty)


  • Engine Make - Loncin
  • Engine Model - G200F(D)
  • Engine Capacity - 196cc
  • Power Rating - 12.4Nm/2500rpm
  • Blades - Double Chipper Blades 
  • Blade Type - Chipper & Shredder
  • Flails - 9 Flail Hammer Blades 
  • Shredder Chute - Durable HDPE Plastic
  • Chipper Chute - Branch Diameter 50mm x 50mm
  • Drive - V-Belt
  • Accessories - Optional Bar Grate
  • Weight - 77.9kg