Masport/AVA Master P60

Masport/AVA Master P60



This large pressure washer is designed with focus on user-friendliness, is extremely stable and has on-board storage for most included accessories. Equipped with large, sturdy wheels and a handle at the back for carrying. Smart storage options are found all over the machine. On the back it has onboard storage for several nozzles, and the extendable handle features a built-in rest for the Zoom Lance. Effective storage that keeps nozzles and other sensitive equipment away from sand and dirt helps extend the lifetime of your products.


  • Tilt resistant
  • “Follow Me” hose reel
  • Steel reinforced rubber pressure hose
  • High quality 4-piston metal pump
  • Easy to handle
  • Onboard storage for all equipment
  • Big, sturdy wheel and handle for carrying
  • Great selection of after-market accessories
  • Accessories included in bundle – Zero-Force Pressure Gun, Water Filter, Hose Reel, Turbo Nozzle, 15° Nozzle, 20° / 60° Vario Nozzle, Zoom Lance, Foam Cannon and Patio Cleaner
  • 7 Year Domestic Warranty (5 years as standard, plus additional 2 years upon online registration)


  • Pressure: 145 bar (max)
  • Motor/Power Wattage: 2100 watts (max)
  • Cable Length: 5 metres
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 500 l/h (8.3 l/m)
  • Weight: 25kg