Bushranger 36V9701 36V Battery Powered Multi-Tool 2.5Ah Kit

Bushranger 36V9701 36V Battery Powered Multi-Tool 2.5Ah Kit




The Bushranger 36V battery powered Multi-Tool is the Swiss army knife of outdoor power equipment and has an attachment available to tackle all of your gardening needs. Discover the convenience of one unit that has multiple functions, a quick release coupling allows you to change between four attachments quickly and easily. The attachments available to purchase separately include a line trimmer, a 710 mm long chainsaw head polesaw / pruner with a 10" guide bar, a 17" double-sidedarticulated hedge trimmer, and an edger. The advantages of battery powered gardening equipment is really only just being discovered by consumers. Quieter, lighter, no pull cords, no need to mix or store flammable liquids and as long as the battery has been charged - pull the trigger and start working. The most hassle free and convenient way to keep your garden neat and tidy.


  • 36 Volt brushless motor.
  • Four attachment options - line trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer and edger – each sold separately or available in complete set.
  • All attachments also fit Home Series power-heads.
  • Quick release coupling.
  • Light-weight 2.2 kg.Kit includes - Multi-Tool Head, Trimmer attachment, 2.5Ah large battery and charger.


Battery - 2.5 ah Samsung Lithium Ion battery

Dry Weight - 2.2 kg (powerhead only)

Safety Features - Safety lock out trigger, the top trigger must be down before unit can operate