Garden Tools

WOLF-Garten produces reliable garden tools which are of the highest German made quality and are well worth the investment as the right option for quality, safety, function, handling, durability and environmental compatibility.

WOLF-Garten is so convinced of the quality and durability of their products that they offer a 10 Year warranty*

The WOLF-Garten Range

Digging Tools

Robust tools suitable for rough digging and planting. With ergonomically shaped D-grip handle and slip-proof, skin friendly rubber coating for better handling plus dual stable rubber foot rests.


Multi-star® Range

Multi-star® has the answer to your problems.

There is hardly any maintenance work in the home and garden area that is not catered for: from tools for soil processing and garden care, to cleaning attachments for sweeping and scrubbing, pool and pond care plus handy storage systems.

The components are simply connected with a single “click” to your choice of 3 short, 9 long and 2 extendable vario-handles made of ultra-light weight aluminium, high-quality wood or durable plastic, which can be combined with more than 80 different attachments.

WOLF-Garten needs no ladders! Working from the ground is more relaxing for the body and eliminates the risk of falling, which is the number one cause of gardening accidents. WOLF-Garten has perfected the art of tree care without ladders. Work efficiently at heights of up to 5.7 metres whilst maintaining a great view of the work to be done from the safety of the ground. 

Shears, Secateurs and Loppers

In order for the plants in your garden to develop to their fullest, they must be regularly and properly pruned. WOLF-Garten offer cutting tools for every job and branch size.

From two-blade secateurs for fine pruning of young plants to robust anvil loppers for removing dead wood without over taxing your strength. WOLF–Garten shears will be with you for a lifetime. With proper care, after thousands of cuts they will still cut as easily, cleanly and precisely as the first time.

 Tips and Tricks

A good soil is the decisive key to the dream garden. The attachments and handles from the multi-star® system are perfectly suited to what you and your soil need.

Seasonal Tips


Every season calls for special pruning work. In spring it is mainly bushes, shrubs and herbs, which demand a fine cutting tool. For example, short, versatile multi-purpose scissors (RA-X) can also cut effectively in thick undergrowth.

The following garden plants will benefit from a spring prune:

  • Early bloomers should be cut back once they have bloomed
  • Shape hedges
  • Prune berry trees and bushes
  • Train newly planted bushes
  • Cut back hydrangeas and withered bushes from the previous year (if this has not already been done in autumn)
  • Prune roses to remove any dead branches (if not already done in spring)


For every withered blossom that you remove before they have formed seeds, the plant sprouts a new one. For as long as they are unable to form seeds, they continue to produce more new blossoms to ensure their reproduction. Cutting also encourages bushes to continue to bloom and rejuvenate.

If you have a lot of cutting to do, WOLF-Garten battery-powered shears will be a help to you.

Cutting work in summer

  • Cut back deciduous early-flowering varieties
  • Take cuttings just below a leaf node and put into the soil
  • Cut back rows of stone fruit
  • Cut back rambling roses after they have bloomed
  • Harvest herbs, twigs and blooms for freezing, drying or tea blends
  • Nurture shaped hedges
  • Do not cut out wilting blooms such as rhododendrons and camellias; just pluck them out with your fingers


Whether pruning roses, wood, fruit trees or removing withered blossoms and dead branches: In the autumn months a good cutting tool is required with which you can effortlessly direct the growth of plants in the next year.

Intelligent technology ensures a true "wow" effect when cutting: Loppers from WOLF-Garten translate the energy used into maximum power. Built-in, shock absorbing rubber buffers combined with ergonomically padded grips and light aluminium tubes offer a high degree of comfort when cutting and also protect the hand joints.


The colder season is favourable for cutting wood because there are fewer fungal spores in the air, considerably reducing the risk of infestation. However, it is vital that you only cut when there is no frost. At under -7°C, the wood sustains damage. Splintering and frozen branches can also cause injuries.


Not many plants have to be cut back during the cold months. However, for berries and some other summerflowering bushes, now is exactly the right time.

Which plants need a winter cut?

  • Berries such as raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries and redcurrants
  • Low summer-flowering bushes such as summer lilac, hydrangeas, hibiscus and bluebeard
  • Clematis from cutting categories 2 and 3, which bloom in late summer
  • Wisteria

Ten golden rules for pruning woody plants:

There are a few things to take note of when pruning woody plants. Here, we will provide tricks and tips that will ensure long enjoyment of your trees and shrubs.

  1. Prune trees regularly
  2. Do not prune at temperatures below -8° C
  3. Only use secure ladders and sharp tools that are in perfect condition, and wear closely-fitting clothes
  4. Remove all dead and diseased wood, and all mummified fruit (withered, fungus-infected fruit on the trees that are mostly already bare). Disinfect the tool with alcohol when moving from a diseased to a healthy part of the tree
  5. Take note: Cutting back lightly produces little sprouting; cutting back severely results in vigorous sprouting
  6. Rigorously form and maintain the desired crown shapes
    • Cut the weakest lead branch first; align the stronger ones to it
    • Train the lead branches at the correct angle to the tree
    • Accentuate the lead branches of apple, pear and stone fruits on a strongly growing base
  7. Always subordinate fruit-bearing branches and fruit wood to the lead branches
  8. Always care for renewable, young fruit wood and remove old, worn-out fruit wood
  9. Don't forget: Check trunks and wound treatment
  10. Observe how the tree responds to pruning, note the reaction and take this knowledge into account at the next cut


Winter: A Pit-Stop for your garden equipment

Use the winter rest period in the garden to make mowers, shears and battery equipment fit for the next garden season. It’s worth it!

With WOLF-Garten garden equipment and tools, you have selected a durable and low-maintenance helper. There is therefore not a great deal to do. But a few preparations and checks for the winter are important so that you can continue to work quickly and precisely.

Mowing the lawn

Clean your lawnmower thoroughly after the last mow and put it in a dry shelter. Is a service required? Perhaps dull blades need to be replaced or cables adjusted. For petrol mowers, think about changing the oil and removing the petrol.

Shears, Secateurs, Loppers

Blade cleaning is an important task – from secateurs to loppers and hedge cutters. This way you get the highest quality from your tools. With many WOLF-Garten shears you can exchange the dull blades after a few years. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Garden equipment with battery technology

Batteries do not require any maintenance but must be stored under specific conditions. To ensure long life, it is recommended that lithium ion (LI-ION) batteries are stored in a cool, dry place.


Metal items such as coins or screws may cause short circuits. Therefore, take care that they do not come into contact with it.